8 GOOD Reasons Why You Should Fall in Love With a Spiritual Girl (#6 Will Make Your Jaw Drop!)

  1. This type of woman thinks that everything has a purpose. 

YES, you got that right! This type of woman believes in synchronicity as signs from the universe. She’s convinced that you came into her life for a reason, season or life time. Guys, this is very important for you to remember – she also thinks that you’re going to give her something invaluable, whether that be scattered memories, a life lesson, or a permanent part of your heart.

  1. This type of woman is always “open”.

Spiritual woman is always open and straight down the line! Open?! YES, she doesn’t see the sense in pretending to be someone that she’s not. She loves her own flaws. What you see is what you get – that’s her motto.

  1. This type of woman loves life and everyone.

This type of woman has love for her family, friends, animals and plants. All living things and energy.

  1. This type of woman always embraces the unknown.

Unfortunately, most people are scared of things that they cannot see, cannot grasp, but she’s different. She appreciates that there’s more to this world than meets the eye. That there are secrets waiting to be uncovered. It doesn’t scare her. It empowers her.

  1. This type of woman is not materialistic.

This type of woman isn’t materialistic, which means that she would rather create a lifelong memory than be given a temporary gift.

  1. This type of woman has compassion for every living thing.

YES, spiritual woman has compassion for every living thing on this planet. This means that she can’t walk past a homeless shelter or stray animal without being tugged at the heartstrings.

  1. This type of woman is one with nature.

She loves nature. And she rather be surrounded by nature than be in a city.

  1. This type of woman aspires to be at peace.

And last, but not least important – this type of woman sees good in everything, believing there is good inside of every person. She rather be alone than have false friends. You can always count on her. She’s all about honesty, sincerity. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share.