17 Signs You Have HIDDEN Healing Powers (Pay Close Attention to #2!)

First of all, you should know that healers are always present in every culture and they are never really looked for until circumstances push us to find them. And, mostly because of this lack of focus, they’re in a status of “hibernation”. People, this is very important for you to understand – if you’re a healer, chances are there are signs, signals, and cues all around you. But, the most important thing is knowing where to look. You don’t need to know a medium or see an intuitive reader of any kind to know that you have a healing gift. YES, all you need to do is look at your own life.

17 Signs That You Have HIDDEN Healing Powers – Don’t Ignore Them!

  1. Your friends and relatives say how good it is to be around and with you.
  2. People that are close to you rarely (almost NEVER) get sick.
  3. Sometimes, you’re thinking of how to improve other people’s lives.
  4. Sometimes, you suffer from anxiety, panic or mood disorders.
  5. You are an empathic person.
  6. You have a family history of healers.
  7. Anytime you visit public places, you feel like you have butterflies in your stomach.
  8. You have a deep spiritual connection with animals. They are happy to see you.
  9. Even strangers and people you don’t know, tell you their life story.
  10. You are great at massages, even though you had no training for it.
  11. Sometimes, you are experiencing neck and shoulder pains.
  12. You are also attracted to crystals and their Meta physics properties.
  13. You are interested in spiritual sciences like energy healing, shamanism, acupuncture, and others.
  14. Small children and animals like you.
  15. People ask you for back and shoulder rubs.
  16. You like to see people feel comfortable when they’re visiting your home or space.
  17. You often feel overwhelmed with the amount of things you’ve agreed to help others with

And, one last thing – the core elements of a healer are high sensitivity on many wave lengths, their ability to manifest energy. These people are highly empathic and they have a desire to help others. There isn’t any path for you to “take” to understand these feelings. You just have to determine where you are in life.

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