The Most ACCURATE Personality Test (I’ve Learnt a lot About Myself from This!)

We all know that most personality tests are just two-dimensional. But, ladies and gentlemen, this one is very different. YES, you got that right, this personality test takes a deeper look at your personality.

According to the MIT, there are more than 600 personality traits.  The traits are separated into Positive, Neutral and Negative categories. There are 234 Positive Traits, 292 Neutral traits and 292 Negative Traits.(1)

  • Positive traits include agreeable, cheerful, ebullient, empathetic, genuine, kind, self-critical, firm, stoic and shrewd.
  • Neutral traits include earthy, amusing, ordinary, quiet, paternal, ambitious, progressive and cute.  
  • Negative traits include deceptive, dominating, sarcastic, unpatriotic, asocial, deceitful, narcissistic, prejudiced, etc.(2)

Your personality traits are shown in the actions you take and the decisions you make. Either you are a patient person, or not; a responsible person or not. The only way to change your personality is to take active steps to become the person you want to be.

So, ladies and gentlemen, have you ever asked yourself – are you an optimistic healer? Or, are you perhaps the rebellious idealistic one?

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