VIDEO: UFO Hunter Makes Incredible ‘ALIEN’ Discovery on Venus and NASA is Ignoring This

People, have you heard the latest news? Well, apparently, UFO hunters have discovered an “alien-made” gigantic structure stretching across Venus. Take a look at the article below and find out more about this.

This is how the story goes – a group of UFO experts claim to have uncovered a “bizarre” discovery beneath the acid clouds of the planet. It comes as this week scientists revealed they believe Venus could support life. But, guess what? The images taken by the Venus Climate Orbiter show more than just a chance of life, but instead proof of a huge structure across the planet’s surface.

This video was uploaded by the UFO hunter Tyler Glockner, who also founded Secure Team 10 who boast to be the “bring exposure of the alien phenomenon”, shows a gigantic curving band moving through the acidic atmosphere which engulfs the planet.

He said:

“Maybe there’s something about these planets they don’t want us to know. Scientists have yet to ever see something as massive as what is being depicted here on Venus. Maybe this is something else all together. Some sort of massive structure hidden in the clouds. Or possibly a grouping of something. All coming together to form this giant band.”

Other scientists think that this could be a “gravity wave” – ripples through clouds of water and ice, which occur when warm air rises and calls. And, Venus has not been the focus on the hunt for life, with scientists focusing their efforts searching for life on Mars.

But, Tyler dismisses this explanation. He claims that the gravity waves can only last for days before they disappear, while the giant sweeping band is a permanent fixture. He also added that the Japanese researchers who analyzed the picture said it is far from being “any so-called gravity wave seen or planet Earth or Mars”.

Tyler Glockner added:

“You always hear about Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto but you really don’t hear about Venus. It’s almost as if there has been some sort of media blackout surrounding it. It’s almost as if they have been trying to take out attention away from Venus and Mercury. Maybe there’s something about these planets they don’t want us to know.”

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