Bring Your Hands Together And See If These Lines On Your Palms Line Up. THIS Is What It Means!

Palm reading – we all know that this “technique” is practiced by many people around the world and it goes back thousands and thousands of years. Well, the real truth is that some people don’t believe it. But, others are fascinated by it.

Below the base of the fingers is the first major line which most people will notice when looking at their palms. This is the marriage line and you can read it yourself. You just have to hold your hands and this is what it means:

  1. Same height

This means that you are calm, gentle, compassionate and relatively stable. Abrupt and disruptive people you do not like being around. And, your partner will be a person that your family and friends like and get along well with.

  1. The line on your right one is higher than the left one  

This means that you are a smart person and you’re always drawn to older individuals. And yes, you don’t care what others think. And, one last thing – you are 70% more likely to end up being with someone older than you. 

  1. Line on left is higher than right line

This means that you are strong, self-assertive, and a go-getter. You attract the good looking crowd, and will likely marry someone younger or perhaps a foreigner.

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