It’s OFFICIAL! China Admits to the Existence of UFOs and Aliens [VIDEO]

YES, it’s official – the Chinese want to break the ice about the existence of UFOs and Aliens and expose it all. Well, the Chinese government had no choice, mostly because of the constant pressure posed by the people willing to know the truth of what’s really happening on this planet.

The Chinese were forced to declassify decades of thorough investigations of unidentified flying objects. I think that this data has been known for quite some time by those actively investigating the UFO phenomenon – many UFOlogists and conspiracy theorists from all around the world. But, still, there are others who are just waking up to this reality and who deserve to know the truth.

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This is how the story goes – in a recent gathering of the non-profit organization known as Citizen Hearing, Shi-Li Sun, an esteemed researcher and president of the Chinese UFO Federation has stepped forward denouncing this concealed reality of UFOs. Shi-Lin Sun said that the UFO phenomenon not only is authentic, but it stretches back tens of thousands of years, to a time when ancient China was barely shaping its culture and traits.

He also mentioned that extraterrestrials might had impacted our entire society, and for an unknown period of time contributed to the foundation of humanity before vanishing into outer space, probably to return at a later date to check on Earth’s well-being. And, as he claims, in the Chinese culture, all these otherworldly beings personified as deities were converted into a single great cosmic beast – Dragon.

Shi-Li Sun said:

“Chinese people consider ourselves as the descendent of Dragon, and Dragon is from outer space in the Chinese culture, so in the Chinese culture we are from outer space as descendent of Dragon. And, after years of research, a large number of Chinese UFO scholars, including myself, are convinced of the authenticity of UFO, the existence of UFOs and aliens…So, we believe in the existence of UFOs, we believe in the existence of aliens and extraterrestrials.”

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Note: ladies and gentlemen, if you want to find all the details unraveled by the Chinese, make sure to watch the official statement in the video below. And please share this article with your friends and family. Spread the WORD!

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