Warm Water or Cold Water: Which One is BEST for Your Health? (The Answer Will SHOCK You!)

We are all different! YES, I think that we can all agree on that one, right?! Different people means different habits, especially morning habits! Ladies and gentlemen, this means that many people around the world usually start their day with a hot cup of tea or cup of coffee to warm up after waking up. Other people have breakfast, and many people usually drink a cup of water. UNFORTUNATELY, they usually drink it cold – which is a bad thing! Can I ask you something?! Did you know that drinking warm water, on empty stomach, can have great beneficial effects on your body? It will improve the digestion rate and it will help you cleanse your body from all harmful toxins. Take a look at the article below and find out more about this.

  1. Cleanse Your Body from Harmful Toxins

As we mentioned before, if you drink cup of hot water in the morning, it will help you cleanse your body from all harmful toxins. According to the experts, this is mainly because water and other liquids promote the decomposition of food in the stomach and improve the digestive tract. So, try to replace the cold water with hot water, and you will improve your digestion, especially after meals.

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  1. It Will Boost Your Metabolism

We all get stomachaches. But, did you know that if drinking 1 glass of warm water in the morning on empty stomach will boost your metabolism and it will help your body to function properly. Your stomachaches will disappear almost instantly!

  1. Eases Pain

Warm water is the most powerful natural remedy against menstrual cramps. This water’s heat will relax tummy muscles and it will soothe the pain. Warm water is also very useful and beneficial for all kinds of cramps. This is because warm water enhances capillary circulation and it relaxes the muscles.

  1. It Will Speed-Up the Weight Loss Process

A quick question – did you know that a glass of warm water in the morning will help you lose weight much faster, right? The answer is YES and this is mostly because warm water increases body temperature and accelerates your organism. So, your body will burn more calories and you’ll also have a beneficial effect on your kidneys and all excretion organs.

  1. Improve Your Circulation

YES, it will improve your circulation! According to the experts, drinking warm water in the morning will help your body to flush all harmful toxins and wastes, and improve your circulation.

The MILLION-DOLLAR question – Cold Water vs. Warm Water?!

  • If you drink cold water, your body has to spend more energy to warm it up, in order to use it.
  • Cold water constricts blood vessels. This means that it will reduce the hydration process and its absorbability.
  • Cold water solidifies the fats in your food. Well, this means that it will make your body work harder in digesting the food.
  • Drinking cold water will create excess mucus in your respiratory system. And, guess what – when your lungs get congested, you are more susceptible to various infections and chances of a throat infection are higher.

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