VIDEO: Lose the Back Fat and Get Rid of the Underarm Flab with These 3 Simple Exercises

According to the experts, these are the most common reasons why you can’t eliminate that stubborn back and under arm fat:

  • Genetics play a role in where you store fat.
  • The upper back is a tough area to burn it off.
  • You aren’t performing enough cardio.
  • You aren’t using resistance training.
  • You eat bad food (processed food, candies).
  • You consume too much alcohol.
  • Stress and anxiety are also large factors in stubborn back fat.
  • You don’t drink enough water.

Ladies, you shouldn’t be worried, because in this article we are going to show you 3 simple exercises, which will help you solve this problem in very short time.

  • You can do these exercises at your home, with your own body weight!
  • You can use rubber bands or just use the movement of your hands!

Exercise #1

  • With the knees bent a bit, lean your body forward 45 degrees.
  • Cross your arms at the wrists in front of your knees.
  • Very slowly, elevate your arms to the level of your shoulders and put them down to return to the initial position.
  • Do the same with different hands crossed, and make three sets of 10-12 repetitions.
  • Practice it for 12 minutes and it should be done at least three times a week, for three weeks

Exercise #2

  • Bend forward to position your body parallel to the floor (with the knees bent and the abs engaged)
  • Extend your hands to the floor, and start making a circle, to the left, up, and to your chest, then to the right, and down.
  • Make this circle starting from the other side as well.
  • You need to do three sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Exercise #3

  • In a standing position, your palms should face forwards, while your arms are by the sides.
  • Elevate your arms up to shoulder height, and your palms should point to the ceiling. At this stage, you should feel the burn.
  • Slowly raise your arms over your head, with your palms behind.
  • Return them to the level of your shoulders, pause, and come back to the initial position.
  • NOTE: make sure your other body parts remain still.
  • Do three sets of 6-8 repetitions.