VIDEO: Man Slaps at The Baby, Now Watch What the Cat Does! (I’ve NEVER Seen Anything Like This!)

Ladies and gentlemen, I really think that we can all agree on one thing – dogs are AWESOME! Yes, we all love dogs and they are very protective of their families. Dogs get even more protective when their family includes small infants.

But, guess what?! This amazing cat is the STAR of this show! Yes, you got that right, this amazing cat doesn’t want the dog to get all the fame, so she does something amazing.

This is how the story goes – this man is playing with his baby, lightly slapping the baby’s car seat to make the little guy laugh, but his pet cat seems to think that he’s attacking his infant child.

So, what happens next – well, this incredible cat runs up to the baby’s defense and attacks the man’s arm. The man pushes the cat away, but this little girl isn’t taking no for an answer!

She jumps up on his arm and bites him, and eventually the man seems to be more amused by the cat’s antics than the laughter of his baby. But, enough talk! Just take a look at the video below and don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends and family. Thank you and enjoy your day!

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