VIDEO: Man Reunites With Gorilla He Raised For 5 Years! How They Reacted When They Saw Each Other… I’m SPEECHLESS!

Ladies and gentlemen, this video is the best thing you’ll see today! YES, you can trust me on that. His name is Damian Aspinall and he is an English conservationist.

You’ll be amazed when we tell you that Damian was able to transfer captive gorillas back to wild of course with the help of the whole Aspinall Foundation.

This is how the story goes – Damian Aspinall took care of a gorilla he named ‘Kwibi’ for 5 years and then it back to wild to have a normal life. After so many years, Damian decided to go look for Kwibi in the jungle.

Damian lost hope and he thought that he’ll never find Kwibi again. And then, a familiar gorilla suddenly appeared… And just like the old times, they bonded like father and son.

Damian even fed Kwibi again and all of this was filmed and had already inspired lots of people!

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