After You See What Happens, You’ll Freeze Lemons For The Rest Of Your Life!

STUDY CONFIRMS – limonoides (natural compounds present in lemons and in other citrus fruits) can destroy both ER+ and ER- breast cancer cell growth. We can easily say that this amazing discovery highlights the importance of the citrus fruits and how useful they are for treating and preventing breast cancer. It also supports past studies which showed fruit consumption might decrease and lower the breast cancer risk.

Lemons are one of the healthiest and most beneficial foods on the planet. Many people say that this super healthy fruit should be used every day and nothing should be wasted, not only for the obvious health benefits, but also for the amazing taste. And, ladies and gentlemen, it seems that the lemon part we usually throw away (lemon peels), contain 5 to 10 times more vitamins and antioxidants than the lemon itself. Surprised, or not really? And we can also say that the lemon peels will help you eliminate the harmful toxins out of your body.

Besides the anticancer properties, lemons are also very useful and beneficial for other things, such as: it has an anti-microbial effect against bacterial infections and fungi; it is effective against internal parasites and worms; it regulates blood pressure, which is too high; it acts as an anti-depressant; it combats stress and nervous disorders.


It’s very simple! Just take an organic lemon, wash it and then put it in the freezer. Or you can cut it in slices and freeze it then. Once it is frozen you get whatever is necessary to grate or shred the whole lemon without even peeling it first. Then sprinkle it on your salad, ice cream, soup, cereals, noodles, spaghetti sauce, or whatever. What you will experience is that whatever you sprinkle it on will take on a taste you may never have experienced before.

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