4 Gut Instincts You Really SHOULDN’T Ignore (Especially #2!)

Listening to you gut actually means that your intuition is guiding you in making a decision. And, the real truth is that we all have this natural ability to listen to that inner voice telling us not to go through with something, or that the person asking us for help might have hidden motives, etc.

In this article we’re going to talk about 4 gut instincts you should NEVER ignore:

  1. “I want to help that person!”

First of all, you should know that gut instincts don’t always indicate something negative. You should also know that we have the powerful ability to read other people’s energy by evaluating their facial expressions, body language, or just how we feel around that person. So, you should ask yourself – have you ever noticed how everyone scrambles to offer whatever help they can after a natural or man-made disaster? This strong desire to help others comes “attached” in our evolution as a species. And, the main reason for that is when humans lived off the land, they depended on one another for survival. This actually means that some of them gathered wood for shelter and fire, while others wanted to help find food for themselves and others. And YES, they helped each other (not just out of necessity), because of a deep understanding that humans need to feel cared for and protected.

NOTE: you should offer help even if the person in question doesn’t ask for it!.

  1. “I don’t feel good”

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t ignore this gut feeling! YES, if something in your body doesn’t feel right, you should listen to this feeling before it gets any worse. The real and ugly truth is that, unfortunately, many people ignore subtle signs from their bodies and end up dealing with a much larger problem than they originally planned for. According to the experts, the human body instinctively knows when something is off balance, and those initial warning signs warrant your acknowledgment and further investigating to find out what your intuition is trying to tell you. So, you should see a doctor immediately if your body screams at you to take action. And, can you do me a favor – pay attention to how you feel every time you interact with someone. Do you feel drained, anxious, or depressed? These feelings have come to the surface for a reason – by listening to yourself intuitively, you can determine which people in your life suck your energy dry, and who actually makes you feel alive.

NOTE: Your body speaks to you, so never ignore any feelings you get, no matter how subtle.

  1. “This comes naturally to me.”

I really think that we can all agree on this one – overthinking can often cause problems that didn’t even exist in the first place! Right? Sometimes, even people with extraordinary talents choke when it’s time for them to perform, and all of it stems from letting their minds run haywire. And, the main reason for that is because they pay too much attention to their thoughts, rather than letting their instincts take over.

NOTE: if something comes naturally to you, distract your mind with something other than the task at hand (a song or memory that makes you happy), and allow your instincts to take over instead.

  1. “This feels like the right thing to do.”

This FEELS like the right thing to do – it doesn’t matter if this applies to changing careers, picking your next boyfriend or girlfriend, or deciding where to move, you should know that your intuition actually plays a bigger role than rational thinking in these decisions. Ladies and gentlemen, this is very important for you to remember – when you make life-changing choices, it usually goes down to how you feel about them. Just take your time and think about it – we all just want to feel good, so we add and subtract things from our life to align with that feeling.

NOTE: tour gut will tell you to do what makes you happy.

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