8 Signs You’re an Alpha Woman That Stands Out From Everyone Else

Guys, did you know that powerful and strong women tend to do things differently than your average woman? The answer is YES and strong women stand out in ways that really catch your attention. They are truly amazing and have an unmistakable aura about them. And, can you do me a favor – just keep your eye out for these women. Why – because they’re intimidating, inspiring, and know what they want.

You should also know that strong women often impact the lives of others in positive ways. Maybe they were raised by a strong woman, had a strong female role model in their lives or found strength all on their own. But, it doesn’t matter how they got there, being a strong women means being independent, self-confident and kind. It also means that you should follow your intuition, show compassion to others and believe in yourself in any situation.

So, ladies, if you identify with these 8 signs, you’re most likely an Alpha woman that stands out from everyone else:

  1. Alpha woman is always straightforward and honest! And Yes, she’s always saying it how it is, so that others can see her honest intentions.
  2. Alpha woman can tell (and knows) the difference between positive and negative criticism. This means that she always takes what she needs from each to move forward.
  3. Alpha woman is always comfortable in her own skin and style. Yes, this type of woman is never feeling the need to pursue ridiculous standards of beauty or current trends.
  4. Alpha woman always “goes” through the challenges of life with little effort, always appearing to have her life “together.” This type of woman is balanced, knowing that life cannot be forced.
  5. Alpha woman is accepted in social circles! And, this is not because of her money or her status, but because of how she respects others.
  6. Alpha woman almost never has the need to compete with others. YES, this type of woman is only worried about being the best version of herself that she can be.
  7. Alpha woman is always smart and knows how to navigate potentially bad situations. She gets rid of bad relationships, friends, and business deals if something is wrong.
  8. Alpha woman doesn’t regret (about anything in her life). YES, and she fully understands the importance of growing through life’s lessons. She does not let her past affect her, always looking for opportunities to move forward. So, ladies, are YOU and alpha woman that stands out from everyone else.

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