12 Habits of Strong Independent Women (How Many Do You Have?!)

Ladies, this is very important for you to remember –  when you’re not dependent on anyone else, you get to live your life, on your terms, and not really care about the judgments of others. YES, you got that right – you don’t have to wait for people, you never put yourself second, and your complete self-awareness keeps you always doing your thing. And, the best thing about it is that you’re very happy.

  1. You go to restaurants – alone.

You go to restaurants alone and you EAT!  YES, you’re not pretending to read a book as some sort of safety blanket. Sometimes, you love to spend some time alone, while enjoying 1000 calories of chocolate lava cake.

  1. You don’t wait for some “cool” guy to call or text you.

If he likes you, then it’s ok. But, if not, you’re not going to stare at the phone all the time, get all upset, and cry yourself to sleep. You don’t have time for that. You already know you’re a catch.

  1. You always travel alone.

Yes, you love to travel alone, see different places, experience different things – alone.

  1. You walk alone.

This means that the crowd is almost always boring for you. So, you prefer taking other roads to get to where you’re going.

  1. You’re confident enough to walk away from a bad situation.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a date that has gone sour or a job that doesn’t offer enough – you always know when it’s time to walk away.

  1. You buy your own flowers.

Sometimes, you go and buy flowers – for yourself. This is a symbolic gesture that you don’t need someone else to do it.

  1. You’re always looking for an equal partner.

Yes, you’re always looking for someone who can stand on their own two feet, too, equal in their own independence.

  1. You don’t waste your time.

You never play games! You don’t want to waste her time, and you NEVER EVER want to get sucked into drama.

  1. You don’t need to be spoiled.

Yes, you don’t have to be spoiled – you can spoil yourself.

  1. She always pays her own bills.

Don’t get us wrong – having dinner paid for you is always a nice gesture. But, sometimes you want to make it clear that you can easily take care of yourself.

  1. You always put your goals first.

And, this doesn’t mean that you disregard other people in your life. But, you won’t let someone stand in your way of achieving success.

  1. You know exactly who you are and what you want.

And, one last thing – you’re not afraid to be vocal about it and go for it.

So, ladies, how many do you have?!

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