How OLD is Your SOUL? Take the Most-Accurate TEST in the World and Find Out!

 Ladies and gentlemen, you should ask yourself – if souls are eternal, how is it possible for them to be “young,” “mature,” or “old”? Well, in my personal opinion souls can’t literally be given an age. YES, it’s because we all possess different levels of soulful maturity. Soulful maturity is basically our ability to connect with the essence of who we are beyond our socially conditioned identities, and while some of us possess a very strong bond with the truth of “us,” others of us are still working on connecting with our essential nature.

According to the Buddhists, there are two ways a soul can be reborn. The first ways is involuntarily, under ‘karma’, due to destructive emotions and desires. This is the case for most of us.

But, did you know that a few others are able to choose their place and time of birth as well as their parents, through the power of compassion and prayer to benefit others?  A soul can be reincarnated as human or animal.

And, according to Jainism, when a being dies the soul (jiva) goes to its next body instantly. This body can be human, animal or neither.  The quality of the soul’s next life is determined by its Karma at the time of death.  The mental state at time of death is also important.  A calm and contented death, focused on spiritual matters is best.  A soul achieves deliverance when it is free from all karma.

Did you now that the Ancient Jews and early Christians had a belief in reincarnation? The answer is YES, and you should also know that reincarnation has also been a belief among certain peoples in Africa, Bali, Hawaii and Australia. 

But, enough talk and let’s take the quiz below. What do you think – are you an old soul or a brand new one? When was your soul born? The middle ages or ancient Egypt? Maybe during the Renaissance! Let’s find out!

Sources and References included in this article – PlayBuzzby Samantha Jones