BREAKING: This SHOCKING Video Proves the Apollo 10 Moon Mission Was Faked by NASA?!

The Apollo 10 moon mission will forever go down as one of our species’ greatest achievements. But, many people still believe it was all a hoax. YES, many experts and conspiracy theorist think (and claim) that the American space agency faked its moon missions in order to showcase its dominance over Russia.

This new shocking video claims that it can prove for sure that the Apollo 10 mission was faked. According to the uploader, this video contains unedited footage from the 1969 mission, the fourth lunar expedition conducted by NASA. Apollo 10 didn’t include a landing, but did feature a successful orbit – something the conspiracy video claims it can disprove.

This video is focusing on the reflection of an astronaut in the glass windows of the lunar capsule, and it claims that he is moving as if he is on Earth, rather than in space. In the window, an astronaut wearing an American badge on his suit appears to repeatedly stand up and sit down, but he doesn’t appear to be weightless in the orbiting capsule.

The uploader states:

“On the right side of the screen, you can see the astronaut’s reflection in the glass. His shoulder is still visible as he turns again, and shockingly he turns and walks away. He even seems to be striding away and we can see him adjusting his pants as he does. What’s shocking about it is that there is absolutely no weightlessness.”

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