This Old Psychic Warns: Stop Telling This to Your Children or You Will Send Them to Hell!

This is a warning message for all parents around the world. Yes, this old clairvoyant warns that you should stop telling this to your children, because you’re opening the “doors” to hell for them. First, we’re going to say a few words about this great man, and then we’re going to share his warning. 

His name is Saint Elder Paisios the Athonite (born Arsenios Eznepidis), and he was born in July 1924, in Farasa Cappadocia. St. Elder Paisios passed away in July 1994. He was a famous Greek monk and psychic, who became widely known for his life and prophecies.

This great man went to Mount Athos to become a monk in 1949. After spending time in different retreats of Mount Athos and Sinai, he moved to Koutloumousio monastery until he became seriously ill and passed away in the summer of 1994. St. Elder Paisios was buried in the Holy Monastery of Saint John the Theologian in Souroti, Thessaloniki. St. Elder Paisios is known for his prophecies.

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This great man said that if parents tell their kids “Go to Hell”, they’re opening the doors to hell for their children. When parents say these words to their children, their children have an “open way” to the Devil and he can do whatever he wants. So, parents, instead of saying this bad words to your children, you should tell them to love God and to bless them.

Children and Spiritual Life:

St. Elder Paisios also says that if you want your children to be on the path of god, you must teach them how to love God.

He also said (excerpts from Family Life; by Elder Paisios the Athonite):

“Some parents who are religious strive to help their children to become good, not because they are concerned for the salvation of their souls, but because they what to have good children. In other words, they are more worried about what people will say about their child instead of whether they might go to hell. So how can God help? The aim is not for children to go to church through compulsion, but to love the church; not to do good through compulsion, but to feel the need to do good. “

So, don’t worry about what other people think. Show the way for your children and stop telling these words to them. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share.

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