6 Life Poisons: Six Reasons Why People Are Unhappy With Their Lives (Especially #3)

Be very careful, because these 6 life poisons can destroy your life. These life (spirit) poisons are your expectations in life. Yes, your expectations (more than anything else in life), can determine your reality. Your expectations shape your reality. They can change your life, emotionally and physically.

This actually means that when it comes to achieving your goals, if you don’t believe you’ll succeed, you won’t. A recent study has revealed that people who believe in themselves use more metacognitive functions than those who don’t. This means that they use more of their brains and have more brainpower to solve problems. The experts also say that your expectations impact other people as well.

Study confirms that this happens because when we believe in someone:

  • we treat them better than people we think will fail,
  • we give them more opportunities to succeed than we give those we think will fail,
  • we give them more accurate, helpful feedback than we give others, and
  • we do more teaching because we believe it’s time well spent.

According to the experts, patients who have low expectations for medical procedures or treatments tend to have poorer results than those who expect success, even with regards to well-established treatments. If a doctor uses a treatment with a clinically verified high rate of success but presents it in a negative light, the probability of a negative outcome increases.

Opportunities will “come” to you!

You can’t just stick your neck out and look for an opportunity. Yes, this is not how everything works. You must work hard for it! You’re waiting for a promotion at work, you think you deserve it – but, someone else get is! Well, it’s time to wake up because life isn’t fair! Yes, you have to work hard for that promotion. Don’t lose hope – you’ll always get what’s yours! But, as we said, you should be very patient and work hard for it. And yes, I almost forgot, here are a few simple tips that will help you find opportunities:

  • You should always be curious about life 
  • You need to try new things, every once in a while
  • You need to meet people outside your field, people from other countries, other cultures, etc.

All people should like me?

You shouldn’t expect that this will happen (like ever).  People, let’s face it – all sorts of decent, kind, respectable people are not liked by (some) others, for no good reason at all. Just remember – some people don’t need a reason to hate you, or they just don’t like you. And, every time you think that everyone should like you, you end up with hurt feelings when you shouldn’t. Remember – you can’t win them all. When you assume that people are going to like you, you take shortcuts; you start making requests and demands before you’ve laid the groundwork to really understand what the other person is thinking and feeling. Instead of expecting that people will like you, focus on earning their trust and respect.

Life should be fair? 

You really think that life should be fair? Nope, NOT going to happen. We all expect that life should treat us fair, but in reality is a whole different story. Life isn’t fair and it never will be. Many people subconsciously expect life to be fair, and they think that any unfairness that we experience will somehow be balanced out, even if we don’t do anything about it. But, if you’re stuck in that mindset, it’s time to get over it. When something “unfair” happens, don’t rely on outside forces to get you back on your feet. Sometimes there isn’t any consolation prize, and the sooner you stop expecting there to be, the sooner you can take actions that will actually make a difference.

Other people should agree with you?

Here’s what usually happens – most of the time, you know what you’re talking about, and for that reason, people should take you seriously. But expecting people to agree with you out of courtesy or because your ideas are so incredibly sound is a different story. Something that’s obvious to you might not be so to someone with different experiences and a different agenda, so stop being offended when people disagree with you, and stop assuming that there is only one right answer (yours). Instead, focus on how you can find solutions that give everyone what they need.

Things can/will make you happy?

Yes, some things can make life more fun and comfortable in the short run, but they CAN’T make you happy in the long run. IT’s very important for you to remember that! Too many of us expect a future event to make us happy, instead of looking more deeply into the real causes of our unhappiness. If you don’t fix what’s going on inside, no external event or item is going to make you happy, no matter how much you want it to.

I’m going to fail.

So, what really happens – well, if you expect to fail, you stand a higher chance of creating the very outcome you’re worried about. But (unfortunately) if you fail, accept that sometimes you’ll fail and sometimes you’ll succeed, but if you pursue an endeavor, believe with all your being that you’re going to succeed in that endeavor. Otherwise, you’ll limit the chances of that happening. It’s very important for you to remember this – believing that you’ll succeed really does make it more likely that you will. It also means that you’ll need to let go of some erroneous expectations that will only get in your way. 

Article originally published on The Higher Self – Published with permission (References included in original article – Spirit Poisons, Reflection of Mind | image.src)