The 10 Types of Empaths – Which One Are You?

Before we start with this article and talk about the 10 Empath types, there’s something I would like to ask your – are you and Empath? Well, ladies and gentlemen, if your answer is YES, then you’ll probably recognize some (or all) of these “signs” that are experienced by most empaths:

  • Absorb other people’s feelings and emotions
  • You experience these feelings as your own
  • Sometimes, you feel mental and physical fatigue
  • You’ve noticed that your emotional state tends to swing throughout a day
  • If someone close to you is in physical pain, you can feel their pain in your own body
  • You always cherish solitude, which helps you refresh and recharge
  • People always to come to you with their problems
  • You can’t stand violence or cruelty
  • You are caring and nurturing person
  • You are an amazing listener
  • Your awareness of our physical environment is greater than normal, e.g. your sense of taste, smell, hearing, touch, etc.
  • Crowded places tend to overwhelm and drain you
  • Animals and children seem to be attracted to you

As we said, there are different Empath types. But, the question remains – which one are you? Just take a look at the article below and find out. Being an empath can have many benefits! But, unfortunately, it can also weigh you down and cause anxiety. This is one of the reasons why it is important to understand our individual experiences in the hope to better understand ourselves. 

The 10 Empath Types – Which One Are You?

1. Physically Receptive Empath

Can I ask you something – are you a physically receptive empath? Well, the real truth is that many empaths seem to be receptive to the physical pains and illnesses of other people. The pain can manifest in the empath’s own body (ability which has proven to be extremely useful in healing).

2. Emotionally Receptive Empath

First of all, you should know that almost all empaths are extremely receptive of external emotional states. Yes, and remember – this can result in physically and emotionally feeling other people’s emotions before they are expressed.

3. Claircognizant Empath

These empaths types have the ability to know if something needs to be done or if a statement of a person’s intentions is true or misleading, without any rational reasoning. Claircognizant empaths have the ability to know if they should do something or not.

4. Geomantic Empaths

Geomantic empaths – they have the ability to read signals and energy transmitted from the soil or earth. Meaning, they can feel if a natural disaster is impending.

5. Fanna Empath

You should know that these empaths can feel, hear, and interact with animals.

6. Medium Empath

Medium empaths can either feel, see or hear spirits.

7. Flora Empath

Flora empaths can communicate with plants by being able to feel or receive their signals.

8. Psychometric Empath

Psychometric empaths – they have the ability to receive energy, impressions, and information from inanimate objects such as jewelry, photographs, etc.

9. Telepathic Empath

Telepathic empaths can accurately read another peron’s unexpressed thoughts.

10. Precognitive Empath

Precognitive empaths can feel a situation or event before its occurrence. These usually manifests in the form of dreams of emotional or physical sensations. In this insensitive and coarse world, empaths can often find it difficult to maintain their inner harmony. But with self-awareness, everyone, including empaths, can learn to appreciate their unique gifts and abilities. Thank you for your time and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Thank you and have a good day. 

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