20 Strange “Symptoms” People Are Experiencing Worldwide (Are You One of Them?)

Yes, you got that right – many people from all walks of life have been reaching out with questions and complaints about strange “symptoms” they’ve been experiencing on and off. And, unfortunately, these people say that (sometimes) they feel like they’re are “losing their minds”.

Note: these symptoms usually go on for a couple of weeks at a time and then subside, re-occurring again in correlation with cosmic and solar activity and people’s individual readiness to move to the next level. So, you should ask yourself – are you one of them? Let’s find out: 

  1. Sugar/chocolate cravings
  2. Unfamiliar eating patterns

Loss of appetite, sudden quickly passing cravings and inability to figure out what you want to eat. Cravings for lighter high-vibrational raw foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, being turned off by the smell and even the thought of any meat and fish products.

  1. Weird sleep patterns, strong need for extra sleep and naps

Passing out and waking up at strange hours, needing extra-long sleep time, needing naps.

  1. Pressure, pain, swirling and drilling sensations around solar plexus area
  2. Pressure, swirling and drilling sensations around the head

They feel pressure, especially around the third eye and on top of the brain underneath the scull, as if something is working directly on the brain, all of the above resulting in headaches.

  1. Headaches

And, we’re talking about headaches that are occurring after the “drilling” sensations.

  1. Hearing strange sounds

They are hearing the same kind of buzzing “metallic/mechanical” yet somehow really pleasant “otherworldly” sounds and also a hum that reminds them of “sounds of the spheres”.

  1. Heightened sensitivity and awareness of everything around
  1. Intensified senses, especially the sense of smell
  1. Technology malfunctions when you come near it or touch it

If you notice lights flickering, Internet going out, cell phone shutting down or dropping calls, computer crashing, etc. 

  1. Awareness of the waves that technology produces
  1. Being out of focus as if being inside a movie, especially during motion

Sensation like being inside a movie and watching the road and everything around you “on screen” while walking or driving

  1. Body out of coordination, loss of balance

You lose balance.

  1. Quickly passing constant waves of intense conflicting and overlapping emotions
  1. Enhanced ADD-like symptoms

In simple words – inability to focus on one subject, an avalanche of thoughts flooding your mind all at the same time, pulling your attention in a million different directions all at once.

  1. Interruption of the flow

Inability to focus or decide on what you want to do. In this case it’s like your inner “GPS” is confused.

  1. Strange, unfamiliar sensations in the body
  1. Extra-fast healing of the body

Cuts, bruises, allergies, hives, etc. – all disappearing at incredible speed.

  1. Sudden waves of chills, goose-bumps
  2. Instant manifesting of thoughts into “reality”

It is being shown to us that now more than ever before the Universe is listening to every word we are saying, every emotion we are experiencing, and turning all of it into near-instant manifestations.

This article was published with permission from our friends at The Higher Self