How to Unblock The Third Eye (What Illuminati Doesn’t Want You To Know)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen – there is a power within you that can change the way you see the world! And, now you probably ask yourself – what kind of power? Well, we can answer that question for you –  we’re talking about your sixth sense, your pineal gland, your third eye. Many experts around the world actually think that the third eye is not really a part of the physical body. Yes, they say that the third eye is part of the second body which is etheric body – the subtle body or the sukshma sharir.

Let me explain this for you, so you can understand it even better – your etheric body is a body which is similar to your  physical body over which it is superimposed. Your etheric body has a corresponding spot in the physical body, but it is not part of it. And, this is the main reason why physiology cannot believe that there exists a third eye or anything like it, because your skull can be analyzed, penetrated, x-rayed, as there is no physical entity which can be said to be the third eye. And, you probably already know that the closest reference scientist discovered on psychical body is the Pineal Gland. This Secret is something which secret societies and the Illuminati have been knowing for many many years.

The third eye is part of the subtle body – the sukshma sharir.

Ladies and gentlemen, your third eye will allow you to see the world beyond the capabilities of your physical senses. And, once the third eye’s power is harnessed, you will be able to see things you have never imagined before, like other people’s auras, you will also be able to see the spiritual dimension and receive clairvoyant messages clearly most especially from your spirit guide. Amazing, right? And, it will allow you to see things you have never seen before. It will allow you to hear the divine sounds you haven’t heard before. It will allow you to feel the impressions and feelings that you haven’t felt before. This will help your realize thoughts and insights which are out of this world.

But, you should also know that there are many occasions when the third eye is blocked. Yes, there are different things that can block your sixth sense, which means that it’s extremely important for you to identify it first so appropriate action can be taken. The cause of blockage can be classified in two: blockages caused by yourself or by other people. Yes, you got that right – you can cause a blockage to your sixth sense by letting fear, anxiety or disbelief take over you. So, you should ask yourself – are you scared of seeing ghosts or scary images, fear of unknown? Third eye blockage can be also because of past life karmic influence, past lives tragic death or lack of spiritual lifestyle in past lives.

So, are you doubting whether you possess a third eye or not? Do you believe it is real? Disbelief can also be a cause to block the sixth sense. Ladies and gentlemen, if these are the reasons why you cannot open your third eye, you have to learn to let go and release these negative emotions. They are only blocking you from a spiritual journey that will significantly improve your life. And, as we mentioned before, it is also possible that the blockage can be done by other people. This means that if you have a skeptic friend or relative with a strong disbelief in your spiritual life or taking away your self respect, this may cause a temporary or even a permanent emotional blockage to your intuitive senses. This is a more complex cause to deal with as it is hard to sway a person’s belief or self respect.

So, ladies and gentlemen, the best option is to create a harmonious relationship with this other person; one that stands on the foundation of respect of each other’s beliefs. And, you should also follow a healthy spiritual and meditative lifestyle, eat more of organic green veggies and fresh fruits and if possible give up on Non Veg food. And, one you’ve identified the cause, then it is time to work on unblocking your third eye. Understanding how energy flows through your physical eyes and third eye will enable you to successfully gain control of your sixth sense.

This is very important for you to know – a blocked third eye receives no form of energy; hence, to unblock it, you need to divert energy from other sources to your third eye. And, mostly because of their proximity to the sixth sense, the best source of energy are your two physical eyes. To redirect energy to the third eye, you must first allow your physical eyes to become unseeing. The best way to do this is to close your eyes and focus your eyes on forehead exactly where the two eyes meet. With Close eyes, focus there for few seconds, initially and then maybe a minute or more latter, channeling your energy to your forehead where your sixth sense is located. And, when you focus on that part between your two eyes with eyes closed, you should allow your two physical eyes to stop moving. Note: but, if they are static, they require no energy to function thus allowing the energy to flow to the next nearest location, your third eye. And, don’t worry if you’re not successful in unblocking your third eye on the first time. With constant practice, you will finally be able to pass some energy to your sixth sense.

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